The Pantafica

The Pantafica’s Legend.
Her names is still being whispered with fear in old houses inhabited by our elders.The “Pantafica” ( or Pantafrica and Pandafeche ) is a scary looking witch that messes with our dreams.

She gets on top of the poor sleeping person’s chest and covers his mouth with her hands.It’s useless for doctors to talk about sleep apnea: there’s no abruzzese ( person from Abruzzo ) , even among the new generations, that won’t happen to tell about these episodes even once in his lifetime. It seems that the Pantafica, when tired of bothering humans, has fun by making curious braids to horses’ mane.

In some parts of the region, we tell that to keep her quiet, one must sleep with a bottle of spirits near the bed. The witch will enjoy the good wine, keeping her from enjoying tormenting humans.

I wonder if Ubiquitas will bring us one, in its adventures?

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