The Mermaid Mitì

Near Ancona, in a place near the sea, lived the most beautiful girl in the country. Daughter of a fisherman, one night she dreamed of seeing a boat conducted by a beautiful young man who, down to shore, invited her to follow him by sea, calling her “my bride”.

Mitì, this the name of the girl, was very upset by the dream and ever since, took the habit of contemplating the sea at sunset, every night, singing a sweet melody dedicated to that mysterious boy. Although many young people in the country tried to ask for his wife, she remained faithful to the expected groom who was hoping to come.

One day, finally, a boat appeared on that horizon and there it was, proud and charming, the long-awaited man. When he came to the ground, she ran into him enthusiastic but he ignored her, telling he was there for his beloved Azzurrina. In fact, here’s a beautiful girl to hug him.

The two boyfriends boarded the boat taking off. Mitì, devastated by pain and disappointment, did not give up and threw himself in the water trying to reach the boat. He swam and sang his song, desperate, in an attempt to attract the attention of him.She disappeared in the sea, but from that moment, the fishermen began to talk about a beautiful girl covered in scales and the sweetest singing that human ear could ever listen to.

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