The Mazzamurello

We have extraordinary stories from everywhere, in Italy. Legends, Myths, popular tales, they deliver us a “natural” fantasy legacy. We deliver to you some of them, region by region. For this second episode, we are staying again in Abruzzo.

THE MAZZAMURELLO [or “mazzamarelle”]
It’s a creature that lives withing Abruzzo’s and Marche’s woods. That rustling, those little and sudden noises, that feeling of not being alone… it’s him making you feeling that way. It seems that his presence is beneficial and has a specific task: he’s an intermediary between the living and the dead.

It seems that he delivers messages from long departed loved ones. He might also have to convey a warning for an imminent danger, or the presences of a treasure nearby.When he looks for the recipient of the message, he infests his house. He tries to communicate by knocking on walls, making strong or weak creaking.

His very name describes his activity: “mazza” (blow) and “murello” (wall). When we hear those rumours it happens though that we try to ignore them because we can’t explain them , so we feel creeped out. But it seems that by keeping to ignore him, the imp gets irritated and finally, upset and tired, inexplicably breaks and hides various items.

So, friends from Abruzzo and fellow countrymen who heard about these creatures before, remember them when you are are at home, next time you can’t find your keys that “were there a moment ago”

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